The Buzz

“The Beehive is the most wonderful environment for young children. The staff are warm, engaging and thoroughly professional; they really understand how children thrive. My son was able to follow his own interests but learn a multitude of skills across a range of subjects. He made great friends with children of different ages. My only disappointment was that he had to leave to start ‘big school’!” E Toettcher

“Sending your child to The Beehive will give your child the best possible start to their schooling. The stimulation that they receive here, the approach and the activities available to them are second to none. The children learn in a calm, bright and safe environment supported by nurturing teaching staff who are there to genuinly help the children to learn rather than to just keep them occupied.”

“The children learn key qualities that will put them in good stead for their later school life: a love of learning, concentration, independence, respect for others and life skills. You can tell a Montessori-taught child as they are able to pour their own drink, do up their own clothing and sit beautifully at a table from an early age. Academically, many children thrive under the Montessori approach, with the teachers gently introducing them to challenges step by step, as and when the individual child is ready.”

“Both my girls went to The Beehive, and I cannot speak more highly of it, and of Lyndsey. My girls both enjoyed every minute of their time at The Beehive.” L Wood

“The Beehive is the most wonderful, and nurturing nursery I know. Both our children attended The Beehive and loved it there. The staff are very caring, the children blossom via learning the ‘Montessori way’ which provides them with a very good foundation for school, and learn to become independent from a young age. Lyndsey, the Director, is a pillar of the nursery and sets a great example to both the children and the staff. Finally, The Beehive displays the best Nativity play at Christmas and teaches us every year that our little ones are much more capable than what we give them credit for!” V Eiloart

“Both of my children benefited not only from Montessori teaching of the highest calibre at The Beehive Montessori School but from their nurturing environment which is second to none. The caring approach and individual attention that was given to each child has guaranteed their confidence and curiosity for learning. I believe the approach to education at The Beehive has planted my childrens’ feet securely on a fantastic learning journey that will benefit them the rest of their lives.” H Khan

“I sent all three of my children to Beehive, each with their own strong characters which were loved and nurtured in ways that were suitable for each child by the exceptional staff.  When they were at nursery I was never worried about them because I knew that they were busy and happy.  The space and opportunities for learning were both interesting and stimulating but at the same time I believe that my children free to relax and observe rather than joining in if that was how they felt on a particular day.” R Olsen

“For both of our daughters it has been a real home away from home. The most loving and caring environment a parent can ask for their child, whilst also providing the perfect early years’ learning experience. It will be very difficult for us all to say goodbye to Miss Nelson and The Beehive.” I De Monte

“Molly wouldn’t be where she is today without the help of the fantastic ladies at The Beehive. The nursery and staff will always have a place in our hearts for many years to come and we couldn’t thank them enough.” L Dixon

“I just want to say the biggest thank you for giving all three of my girls the very best possible start to their education. Your care and devotion and belief in what you are doing creates a tremendously special environment that has prepared them wonderfully for the next step — they stride out with confidence enthusiastic for new challenges. I, on the other hand, will find it a little more difficult to leave The Beehive behind! We are both enormously appreciative of all the love and attention that has been shown to our child.”

“The time has come, our days at the fabulous Beehive nursery have come to an end, and after four fun-filled years with you and your super team our last little bee goes off to big school! J, like his brothers, had a brilliant time at The Beehive, and with your amazing care and support he has turned into a rather splendid little man. Thank you so much for creating such a loving and caring environment that enabled our boys to flourish and thrive and help them become who they are now.”

“Thank you for providing the perfect environment for our children and for indulging them in so much love and attention. We and our children leave here today with very fond memories and for that we wanted to show you how much we thank you and love you.”

“Thank you for giving R such fantastic support and encouragement — she has loved every day at The Beehive and I will always remind her of the skip and hop she did going through the door every morning.”

“We would like to thank you for your care and patience with D. You have made a big difference to his life and we are very grateful.”

“Thanks to you all for providing K with two wonderful years at The Beehive. We both have many special memories of all the activities, artwork and fun that she has had including Easter bonnet parades, Nativity plays, Pancake Cafes, incredible Mother’s Day banner designed by the children, wonderful Father’s Day cards and Easter flower pots…to name but a few. Thank you for all your hard work, and the great thought, care and imagination that you apply to your work with the children at all times.”

“We really can’t put down in words how much we appreciate all that you have done for M at The Beehive. M has come such a long way in the last couple of years and has enjoyed every minute. It has also been such a fantastic peace of mind to know that when we drop her at your door each morning she is in the best possible hands.”

“I just wanted to drop you a small note to express my thanks for the way you have nurtured and cared for D during his time at The Beehive. It is wonderful to see how much he has grown in strength and character — from being such a quiet, shy and reserved chap into a much more sociable and enthusiastic boy. I now feel so much happier knowing that he has developed solid social and educational skills to take him onto Primary School. It has been with your help and kindness that this has been achieved.”

“We visited many nurseries in the area, and previously when we lived in London, and the atmosphere at The Beehive was completely different from all the others. First of all, it feels calm, not full of crying and screaming children which seems to be the norm at other nurseries. The sense of respect The Beehive staff has for the children as people is very evident. Above all, Lyndsey’s warmth and love for the children always shines through. We are so happy that our two children could spend their nursery years at The Beehive.”